Ceiling & Wall Panel Products

Suspended Acoustical Ceiling Systems

Suspended ceilings can be installed to lower a ceiling plane, cover existing damaged ceilings, finish off exposed joists, cover electrical or mechanical, or to make any room quieter and brighter. Most systems available are primarily designed for acoustical control. Many manufactures offer systems that integrate the functions of lighting, air distribution, fire protection, and acoustical control. Characteristics very between acoustical tiles including aesthetics, sound absorption, noise reduction, light reflection and flame resistance and color.

Wood Ceiling & Wall Systems

There are a variety of options available for wood ceiling and wood wall systems. Linear, grill, open cell, baffle, tile and coffer systems are just a few. Wood ceiling and wall systems can be found in executive areas, churches, schools, convention centers, banks, hotels or anywhere high design and the warmth of wood is desired.

Metal Ceiling Systems

Metal ceilings are used in a variety of ways and come in many different options. Some are security panels, decorative stamped metal ceiling panels, linear metal, snap-in concealed and metal pan ceilings. Metal ceilings are long lasting and more easily maintained than other materials. They also have a variety of practical functions such as sound absorption, sanitation and security.

Acoustical Wall Panels by Central Ceiling Systems, Inc.

Acoustical Wall Panels

We provide sound absorbing panels that mount directly to walls or ceilings. Acoustical Wall Panels are designed to reduce reverberation and echoes. All panels are custom made to exact sizes and colors using a variety of fabric manufacturers.

Noise Control Products by Central Ceiling Systems, Inc.

Noise Control Products for Ceilings and Walls

There are many ceiling and wall products that will reduce noise in a wide variety of industrial applications. Some noise control products include: soundproof curtains, acoustic enclosures, sound absorbers, ceiling baffles, wall panels or noise barriers.

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